San Diego, CA: San Diego Zoo

We knew we couldn't visit San Diego and not hit up the zoo (click the picture above to visit the zoo website). The zoo was HUGE! We only saw a fraction of what there is to see. Its definitely a place you'd have to visit several times to see everything. But, we only had an afternoon, so here is what we saw!

 Kokabara and Kolas! The Kolas were our favorite. They really do look cuddly!

 This merekat was very funny. He kept running in and out of the tunnels. I think it was his way of playing peek-a-boo with the little girl that was standing there watching him! 

hyenas napping

some sort of kangaroo relative


 A Sun Bear

 Bet you can't guess who this animal's cousin is...

 Loved seeing the polar bears. I had never seen one in real life before, so cool! These guys ended up in a tussle and one of them got shoved into the water.

 Arctic birds

 Beware of the lion!
 Haha...that must have been funny when that happened!

 The world's largest rodent. Alan didn't contest this one. 

Do you know how to tell the difference between an Asian Elephant and an African Elephant?  By their ears. Dumbo would definitely had to have been an African Elephant! 

 You can see this structure located in Balboa Park from the zoo.
 We took the sky lift back to the front of the zoo. 

And there is our afternoon at the San Diego Zoo!


San Diego, CA: The Del

I know I have kept you waiting in suspense so long that you have probably forgotten we ever went to San Diego. Well here is the rest of our trip! We stayed at the Hotel Del Coronado. I was just thinking about it the other day, remembering how nostalgic it was to stay there. We absolutely love it. If you are ever in the San Diego area, take a trip out to Coronado and visit the Del. It is full of history and charm!


 This is a view from the window of our room.

 This is a view of the whole resort from the beach.



 the front entrance

 Lots of old wood paneling.

 Alan said to strike a queenly pose, so I did my best. 

 View from the second floor balcony. 

 The charming old elevator with operator included. 

One of the operators was such a charming ole fella. He was a sweet man with autism, but my stars, he could remember patrons names like nobody's business! He even remembered that we were from Georgia and would recite Gone with the Wind quotes each time we rode the elevator! So sweet and funny. 

 The gorgeous lobby with its grand chandelier.


 We could see Mexico from the beach, well two islands belonging to Mexico anyway.

There was some sort of sailboat race going on...

 We could see Cabrillo National Monument from the beach too!

There were also lots of military crafts both in the sky and the water! Alan had a blast trying to identify each one. I was impressed...or maybe he just acted like he knew what he was talking about. Either way, I was impressed!


 Verification that I actually made it to the West Coast and the Pacific Ocean. Check that one off the bucket list!

Someone was working hard. You can check out the sand castle man's creations at his website.


Sorry, Alan and I love gardening, so we had to capture some the beautiful plants around the hotel grounds!


 They grew their own herbs and veggies right on the grounds.

 You will never guess what this is! This tree is very unique...

I was impressed...Alan was not. In fact, he was very skeptical. He wants verification. He seriously doubts that they could know that they were the WORLD'S first electrically lighted tree. I chose to remain impressed. No need to get all worked up about an electrically lighted tree.

And there you have it, folks! That is the beautiful Hotel Del Coronado!!