Our Dwelling Place: The Living Room

We moved into our new home June 2009. I cannot believe that it has almost been 2 years! We started out with virtually a blank canvas both on the inside and out. We love all things charmingly southern, so our goal is to decorate our home with good old southern hospitality in mind!I am going to be sharing some pictures of our home and what we have done thus far. Please leave comments with suggestions and links to any blogs or other websites I can check out for inspiration!

 Our Living Room! The bare bones in this  room were beautiful to start with the cathedral ceiling and neutral paint color; all it needed was some decorative color and seating for our loved ones to gather.  It took me several months to decide what colors those would be, but I soon learned that I love all things green and blue! It took me awhile to figure this out, but now that I think about it, it makes perfect sense. My wedding was green and blue, so why not my house too? This is still a work in progress...but we are getting there. 

My beautiful bridesmaids in their green and blue! 

Love, love, love these drapes! This is Tucker Resist in Indigo from the  Waverly's Sun N Shade Tidewater Collection. The print is inspired from an authentic document from the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation. I didn't realize this until my seamstress pointed it out to me. I love history and Williamsburg is definitely considered a southern city, so it made me just love these drapes even more! I found all of my fabrics for my window treatments at Forsyth Fabrics in Atlanta, GA. They have some great deals and tons of selection. [FYI: If you  need a great recommendation for a  fabulous seamstress to make you some beautiful window treatments for a fantastic price, I can surely give you one!]  Okay, enough about the drapes!  

 This is our mantel as of June 2010. I love everything except the left side where the elephant is. I could not figure out what to put there, so the elephant was the go to place holder until something more inspiring was found.

In January, I finally found it! This is an antique brass platter with a peacock in the center.  I found this at The Cotton Mill in Monroe, GA for $8.00! I left it in its charming tarnished state rather than cleaning and shinning  it. I am still not 100% sure if I am done with this side of my mantel, but I like the direction it's heading. 

I like symmetry, but not matchy-matchy, so I am going for symmetry of  number of items and heights; thus I am still not completely done with this yet!


Please ignore the mess on my couch, but I am still out to lunch on what to do with the wall behind my couch, which faces my fireplace.  I am also lobbying My Man for a brown leather couch with more cuddle room! The tables are definitely on the list for a change to Pottery Barn's Hyde Turned-Leg Coffee Table and Side Tables

I did just find this beautiful idea that I will use in my house somewhere whether it be over my couch or not.  This inspiration came from my co-teacher's blog, It's Still Allgood where she posts her inspirations. I hope she doesn't mind if I borrow it for my house. She and her mother have an antiques booth at The Cotton Mill, in Monroe. GA check it out if you are ever in that area! It's GIGANTIC!

Let me know your suggestions and any inspirational links are greatly appreciated! 
P.S. Throw pillows are on the list too. Red ones, green and blue ones too! They will be what pulls this room together! 

P.P.S. Custom built bookcases on either side of the mantel would look A-MAZING! Don't you think? My wallet doesn't think so at the moment. Still working on that. 


Meet the Bradford Pair

Photo by Shannon Belletti

We got married just over 2 1/2 years ago at a gorgeous country church (see church here) that I picked out as a wedding venue when I was about 15 years old. All I needed then was the right man, who was brought into my life at 16 years old. It didn't take me too long to figure out that he is most certainly a keeper. We both went off to college before we got married. He went to Georgia State University and I went to the University of Georgia [GO DAWGS! (sorry, it's a little habit I picked up while I was there. Can't do much about that)]. We went our separate ways during the week, but you couldn't keep us apart on the weekends. Now there ain't much that will keep us a part on any day of the week.

Here is my man on our wedding day...Isn't he handsome?
Photo by Shannon Belletti

  And here is that lucky man's bride...
Photo by Shannon Belletti

Here is full length picture of  my wedding get-up, which I still think was the perfect pick for me. (I think it should be featured on Wedding Dress Wednesday on my sister's blog.  hint hint wink wink)
Photo by Shannon Belletti

Okay, enough reminiscing on our beautiful wedding day.

Well, maybe one more...
Photo by Shannon Belletti
 Thanks for indulging my reminiscing.

 We are most definitely still living happily ever after in this pretty little place...

With this sweet boy...

 I absolutely look forward to sharing more with you soon!