Happy Birthday, Brody!

Brody turns one year old today. I can no longer blame his bad puppy behavior on him being a puppy anymore!

Brody 1 year ago {Alias: Mr. Darcy}

 Growing Up:
3 weeks old

June: First day home {about 7 weeks}

July {3 Months}

 Fall 2010

October {6 months}

 November {7 months}

Our Family Christmas Photo

 January {9 Months}Shaggy Brody

 February {10 Months}

March {11 months}

early April {Brody on his self-proclaimed throne}

Brody one year later:
  The Birthday Boy
1 year
April 30, 2011

I cannot believe it has only been one year! I feel like he has been a part of our family forever. We truly enjoy his sweet, playful personality. This boy LOVES to play, whether it be a ball, a bone, a frisbee, or the nearest sock. He often plays with two or three toys at once. Besides tug-of-war and fetch, he enjoys playing chase, hide-and-go-seek, and soccer (his favorite position is goalie).

Brody will toss us the ball and then hunker down between two door posts or anything that could otherwise signify a goal, and wait for you to attempt to kick it past him. This is his game of choice when he knows we are busy and only have time to kick the ball from time to time as we go about our business.

We plan on taking Brody on a nice long walk at a new park near our home for his big day. We will gift him with a brand new big birthday doggy bone!



My man went on a walk with our sweet Brody Boy this evening. This is what he brought me back:

So romantic! That earned him a kiss, a hug, and ... a smile. ;) 

P.S. He picked me those daisies last week. Those suckers are still lookin' good. I guess its because they really are just weeds. Pretty weeds though, so I call 'em wildflowers. It's nicer.

If your hubby or someone special has done something sweet and/or romantic for you recently, please share! I want to hear your sweet stories!


Isn't this SO pretty!?!

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