San Diego, CA: The USS Midway and more of San Diego Bay

Hi there! School is still taking up most of my time and will for the next two weeks as I have three classes that will be overlapping during that time! UGH! and AHHHH! Okay, I feel better. Anyway, I am taking a break to bring you the next part of our trip to San Diego, CA! On the second day we had breakfast on the bay and took in some naval history and then we headed for the famous San Diego Zoo!

I made it to San Diego!! It was quite a foggy morning, but that soon blew off!

 Our view from breakfast at a yummy little restaurant!

Our breakfast guest that sat at our table and watched us eat.

 He just wanted a taste! My man obliged. 

YAY! We are in San Diego together! It was chilly that morning.

 Bird of Paradise plant. Just one example of the gorgeous vegetation that grows here.

 Amazed at the size of the sea gulls. Much bigger than our southeastern friends!

 Neat place to eat on or should I say in the bay waters.

 Coronado Bridge...we will be crossing that later.

Reading about the USS San Diego.  Never lost a battle or a man! Amazing since they were engaged in quite a few in the Pacific. Sorry, my man and I both love history, so get ready to get a lot of random trivia facts!

 The USS Midway is a very famous aircraft carrier. We had the privledge of eating dinner and taking in a USO show a top this massive ship the night before for the finale of my man's conference. 

 We got to see many of the aircraft that would have been on board during WWII up close and personal. Very neat!

 We learned about the bravery of Vice Admiral Clifton A.F. Sprague. I will spare you the history, but if you are interested, you can click here to read more.

 Here is a memorial to comedian and entertainer Bob Hope and the USO shows. We could hear actual audio from one of his shows. Very neat!

A statue of the famous kissing couple. The kissing couple is known to be in New York, but for whatever reason, there is a huge statue of it here in San Diego. 

Next up the San Diego Zoo! 


San Diego, CA: San Diego Bay, PetCo Park, and the Gas Lamp Quarter

Hi Ya'll!

I apologize for not posting in well over a month. I have been learning how to balance grad school with work, and now lo and behold, the summer is already here (and I am still in grad school). The first few days of summer vacation I spent in San Diego with my man. It was my first trip west of the Mississippi, and I made it all the way to the Pacific! My man has already been out west several times and he was glad to share his San Diego experience with me. He left earlier in the week for a business trip and then I joined him for the fun part. Here are some pictures my man snapped before I arrived...

 My man's view from his conference hotel room

 Coronado Bridge

That is the Hotel Del Coronado in the background. It's quite famous you know. 

 Sailboats are everywhere!

 I heard there was some sort of sailboat race going on while we were there. 

My man had a chance to go see where the Padres play at PetCo Park.

This is the Western Metal Supply Co. in case you weren't sure. Anyway, it is a very old building (around 100 years old) that was integrated into left field of PetCo Park. 

 You can watch the game from your club level seats at the Western Metal Supply Co. building if you want.

 San Diego skyline view from PetCo.

 You can watch the game from the lawn if you prefer as well. 

Here is the Gas Lamp Quarter aka the restaurant district. Very clean, yet always festive!

So that was a little taste of what San Diego has to offer, but trust me there is much more to come! I am only picking my absolute favorite pictures from a total of 670. We got a little carried away, but its hard not to since there are so many picturesque views. It is quite a lovely little spot sitting less than 20 miles from Mexico's boarder, yet we were spared the 90+ degree weather while we were there. Don't be jealous now.

Have you ever visited San Diego?What did you enjoy about your visit? What is your favorite city to visit in the US? Please share your experiences!